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The link between stress and your body

By Halls 17 May 2023

Keeping your body happy will keep you happy.

Looking after your physical well-being is a fantastic way of helping your emotional and mental state. In the video above, Gareth Hughes (a psychotherapist and the Research Lead for Student Well-being at the University of Derby) talks through the key areas that you should consider:

  • Sleep - Never forget how important sleep is for your well-being. Making sure you stick with the recommended hours every night will do wonders for both your body and mind.
  • Diet - Sugars and caffeine will spike your mood meaning you will feel less balanced (and more anxious) day to day so limiting them to only odd occasions will help a lot.
  • Exercise - Getting out, taking in the fresh air and seeing friends when you can, will keep you active and positive. You will feel good about your body and in turn, have a better outlook on triggers that could affect your stress levels.
  • Breathing - Deep breathing relaxation techniques can also help keep you calm, such as the 7-Eleven method (breath in for 7 seconds, breath out for 11).

Taking care of all these areas plus making the most of the support that's around you will keep your body happy!