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Apps to help you plan your life

By Halls 11 Mar 2024

Failure to plan is a plan to fail!

We use apps throughout our daily lives to do all sorts, so why not use them to help manage your time and stay organised? Here are some completely free options to try that are popular when it comes to planning:´╗┐

Apps we would recommend

  1. Google Calendar - An excellent tool for scheduling your lectures, assignments, meetings, and personal events. It allows for easy sharing between users, so you can coordinate with the friends on your course and any study groups.
  2. Microsoft To Do - A task management app that helps you keep track of daily tasks, assignments, and deadlines. It's simple, user-friendly, and syncs across all your devices!
  3. Evernote or OneNote - Both are powerful note-taking apps that let you organise your notes, lectures, and research in one place. They support various formats including text, images, and audio notes, and are great for revising and studying.
  4. MyStudyLife - Specifically designed for students, this app allows you to store information about your classes, workload´╗┐, exams, and reminders. It's designed to handle your academic life alongside your personal life.
  5. Trello - A project management tool that is excellent for group projects. It allows you to organise tasks into boards, lists, and cards so you can track progress and collaborate with classmates. Perfect for keeping each member of the team in the know and on the right task.
  6. Forest - If you struggle with staying focused while studying, Forest can help. It's an app that encourages you not to use your phone by planting a virtual tree that grows while you focus. If you use your phone, the tree dies. It's a great way to stay motivated and productive.
  7. Todoist - Another task management tool that helps you organise and prioritise your tasks and projects. It's known for its simplicity and powerful features like natural language input and recurring tasks.
  8. Google Drive or Dropbox - Both are cloud storage services where you can save your assignments, notes, and other documents. They're accessible from anywhere, which makes sharing files and collaborating on projects easy.
  9. Mendeley or Zotero - Essential for students who are doing a lot of research, these reference management tools help you organise your research, and generate bibliographies, and reference materials in your work.
  10. Quizlet - A study tool that allows you to create flashcards for studying and revision. It's also a great way to find study materials on topics you're learning.

Need more apps to make your life the best it can be? We have plenty of other apps we'd suggest you download ASAP.