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Meet the ResLife Team

By Halls 08 Sep 2023

Hello from your Residential Life team!

Living in halls is being a part of our fun, inclusive and diverse community. We are here to help you enhance your student experience whilst staying with us and have the best of time.

So who is the team behind it all?

We have three Residential Life Officers that make sure all students in our ten halls feel supported and have fun at our events. 

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Fabio Valencia is the Residential Life Officer that you’ll see regularly at our events, being the creative mastermind behind the fun day trips, musicals or any of our other action-packed events.

Having worked at the LSE for over 12 years, Fabio has lots of experience and knowledge.

Halls: Bankside House, Butler’s Wharf Residence, Sidney Webb House, urbanest Westminster Bridge

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Ju Jeong is the Residential Life Officer that joined the team as an LSE graduate, bringing lots of insight into her role. She helps organise and deliver our fun and engaging activities with our collaborators.

Having lived in halls, she goes above and beyond ensuring each year is memorable for all our students.

Halls: Carr-Saunders Hall, Passfield Hall, Rosebery Hall

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Iqbal Hussain is the Residential Life Officer that looks after recruiting the best people to help deliver an awesome service to our students.

He brings lots of passion to our sports events and tournaments, actively encouraging you to take part. Come and say hi at any of our football matches!

Halls: High Holborn Residence, Lilian Knowles House

So who else is on the team?

We also have two student Communications Assistants that ensure our Instagram game is top-notch and are ready to capture memories at any of the events. There is also a Communications Intern that works on the branding projects and trends for the team, making sure the team is consistent and adapts to our student's needs.

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Ellen Bates is the Communications Intern that works behind the scenes planning all the fun content across the ResLife social media channels, ensuring lots of fun and informative digital campaigns are run. She's also the person behind all the DMs. 

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Pauline El-Khoury is our student Communications Assistant, currently pursuing an MSc in International Political Economy. Operating behind the scenes, she crafts engaging online content and manages our digital campaigns. Like Ellen Bates, she's the friendly face behind our DMs, ensuring a personalized connection. 

ResLife (as you’ll hear us often call ourselves) is excited to meet you. We constantly work to improve our service for our current and all future residents. If you need advice, want to join our events or simply want to say hello, there’s many ways you can contact us!