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Ace your LSE Exam with these Epic Study Playlists

By WardenJessica 08 May 2024

Summer is approaching. To many, because of the warmer temperature that it brings, this season entails joy, excitement and fun. Though you still have summative essays and examinations to complete in the Summer Term, do not forget to relax and enjoy the season while managing your study. One of the ways to relax and focus is to be mindful of your surroundings by actively engaging with the environment using your five senses, including touch, smell, taste, hear and sight. All senses are of equal importance. However, in this article, I would like to focus on hearing, as it may be relatively less attended to in everyday life.  

Sounds in nature  

When it comes to relaxation and listening, sounds in nature often create a sense of ease. The sounds of sea waves, bird-singing, leaves rustling in the breeze connect our mind to nature. Because of its non-artificial sonic components, mild leveled pitch and frequency, as well as its lively dynamics, sounds in nature allow a distressed mind to melt into the wonder of nature. In London, there have been different projects about sounds in parks. Specific sonic elements such as the sound of grasshoppers in Regent’s Park, bee rustling in Primrose Hill and the soundscape of the wood were recorded. It aims to allow the public to have a better engagement with space from an audio perspective. Next time, when going for a walk, try to take audio notes on what sound(s) you can identify, and which ones help you relax. 

Sounds to listen while studying  

Besides paying attention to sounds in nature, you can also use sound specifically in your everyday life depending on your purpose. According to one’s personality, certain sounds such as the environmental sound of a library, the general, spatial sound of a café, sounds of rain or white noise might help one to concentrate. There are YouTube videos available online that you could try and use to maximize your study experience.  

Your own relaxing playlist  

Also, as you must have known, it is important to take breaks from time to time to sustain your study for the long run. While taking breaks, try to take yourself out of the mental space of intense study in order to relax your brain. You can do so via listening to songs that motivates you and relaxes your mind. So, before the start of your study, plan not only for what to study, but also what to listen to during your study breaks to give yourself a powerful mental boost.