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Residential Life

You're probably worried about this one thing...

By Adrian 14 Sep 2019

It’s absolutely normal to feel worried about making friends when you move to a new place. Pretty much everyone feels the same way.

In catered halls, joining everyone in the dining hall is the best way to get to know people. It will feel uncomfortable at first, and you might feel that you want to take your food away, but it is really worth making an effort to eat at least one meal in the dining hall every day for the first few weeks.

In self-catered accommodation, try inviting people from your flat and from neighbouring flats to come and eat with you. Everyone loves being cooked for!

We also have a programme of social events in Hall to help you meet one another, make friends, and give you plenty of easy opportunities to meet the staff. Look out for posters in your hall and information in your hall Facebook group for details of the vents we have planned for you.

We made a Pinterest board of some tips, articles and information about how to make this part of freshers a bit easier: Freshers – making friends and meeting people

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Adrian is a medical doctor, the Student Health & Wellbeing Manager at the University of London and the Warden of Connaught Hall, where he has lived for more than 25 years.
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