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Be aware of fake police officers!

By Konrad 27 Apr 2021

Bogus Police Officers operate in this area.

Groups of criminals are posing as police officers in order to trick people and steal their money, credit cards, and valuables. These individuals wear ordinary clothes and use fake Police IDs to search people and take what they can. If you are stopped by a police officer, ALWAYS ask to see their Police ID - a real police officer will always show you their ID. 

A genuine Police ID cannot be copied and looks like this: 


The ID card will always have:

✓ photograph of the officer

✓ a name

✓ identity number

✓ Metropolitan Police Service hologram.

Students can be targeted by criminals, especially in the Bloomsbury area. The identification is more difficult these days as they can be wearing a surgical mask so please make sure you take extra care and familiarise yourself with the contents of this article.

Don't assume this can only happen during the night, be always aware of your surroundings, especially in areas with fewer people around. 


  • A genuine police officer will ALWAYS explain why you have been stopped and give you a form after the search is complete.
  • A genuine police officer will ALWAYS be able to show you a valid ID and tell you which police station they are from.
  • A genuine police officer will NEVER ask you for PIN numbers or money.

If you are in any doubt of the officer's identity, call 101 and explain the situation, stating the officer's name and warrant number. The operator will understand you are verifying their identity. A real police officer will understand what you are doing. 

In an emergency, always call 999 

For more information about fraud (including online scam) and how to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of it, please check this website:

When you're aware of it you're less likely to fall for it.

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