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Consent. Why it's more than being a good person

By Konrad 10 Oct 2023

Welcome to Day 2 of your journey. Yesterday, we explored why consent is as simple as a global pandemic.

Today we are going to explore why being good at consent is more than just being a good person. 

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Questions for you to reflect on:

  • Are you able to have conversations that feel vulnerable? 

  • Who are you able to have these kinds of conversations with? 

  • How do you start these conversations? 

  • How do you tend to end them? 

  • What could you do to improve this consent skill? 

Would you like to go deeper? Try this exercise.

Write down the word 'power' in the middle of a piece of paper. Then jot down all the things that impact the power someone has in different relationships. For example, economic status or age. 

Sometimes we're very aware of the power that other people hold over us, but we may not have thought about the power we may hold over others.

What are the powers you hold in your relationships? Reflect on some of your relationships and the power balance in them.  

Spend today noticing who you come into contact with and in what situation you may hold power over others.

Coming tomorrow...

Being good at consent means being good at rejection