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Being good at consent means being good at pleasure

By Konrad 13 Oct 2023

Welcome to the final day of this journey into consent. Today we close our journey by focusing on the relationship between consent and pleasure. How can being good at consent help you to understand yourself to a much deeper level and what has any of this got to do with politics? 

Questions for you to reflect on:

Do you know your pleasure?​

  • As you go through the rest of today take the time to notice your own pleasure. 

  • When you eat or drink, are you able to feel what your body truly wants to consume or are you stuck in a routine? 

  • Think about how you travel around today, who you spend time with, what you spend your time doing. Are you in touch with what your body has to say about all of these activities?

Noticing this barometer is like working a muscle. The more your practice noticing your pleasure the better you will be at recognising it. 

Further reading

  • Explore the work of Joseph Campbell who encouraged people to 'Find their bliss'

  • Search online for Audre Lorde's essay 'The uses of the erotic. The erotic as power'

Thank you for joining us for this 'Go deeper' with consent series we hope you found it useful, informative and challenging.