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Fancy showing off your favourite dish from home?

By Konrad 08 Jan 2024

At Intercollegiate Hall, we're not just a community; we're a tapestry of diverse cultures, tastes, and experiences. And what better way to celebrate this diversity than through food—the universal language that brings us all together?

As we settle into our home away from home this winter, it's natural to miss the flavours and comfort of our favourite dishes from back home. But what if we told you that you have the opportunity to not only share these cherished culinary delights but also take over our kitchen for a day?!

Yes, you heard that right! Our dedicated catering team is thrilled to invite you to share your favourite homemade dish with the entire community. Whether it's a family recipe passed down through generations or a beloved comfort food that reminds you of home, we want to savour and celebrate it with you.

Here's how you can get involved:

  1. Speak to a member of the catering team: Approach our team to express your interest in sharing your favourite dish. They are excited to hear about your culinary delights and discuss the logistics of how we can make it happen.

  2. Take over our kitchen: Imagine the joy of seeing your dish featured and served in our dining area! Take the opportunity to showcase your cooking skills and share a part of your cultural heritage with fellow residents.

  3. Spread the Word: Encourage your friends and neighbours to join in this gastronomic celebration! The more diverse the dishes, the richer our experience will be.

This initiative isn't just about food; it's about creating connections, embracing diversity, and building a stronger community within Intercollegiate Hall. Your favourite dish might just become someone else's new comfort food!

So, whether it's a fragrant curry, a homemade lasagna, a batch of warm cookies, or a traditional delicacy from your homeland, let's come together and turn our dining hall into a melting pot of flavours and cultures.

Remember, the kitchen is not just a room; it's a place where magic happens and stories are shared. Let's bring our stories to life through food.

Speak to Aramark today and let's embark on this delicious journey together!