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Residential Life

What is Student Central?

By bzbeth 20 Aug 2019

You may have heard a few things here and there about Student Central at UoL...

But what is it?

Student Central, formally known as University of London Union, is the organisation at UoL who are responsible for lots of amazing things, such as:

  • events
  • clubs/societies
  • bars and cafés on campus
  • gym and swimming pool facilities
  • conference spaces
  • and much more! 

Let's explore what you can do at Student Central in a bit more detail...

Food and drink.

You will find THREE bars, club nights, live music gigs and some great (affordable) food at Student Central. Make sure you spend some time at Gallery, Library and The Venue during your time at UoL - they're great places to meet new people but also relax your friends between or after lectures or just go and watch an artist perform live music.


This is Student Central's very own gym that offers amazing student deals on its membership. By joining Energybase, you will have access to a fully-equipped gym, fitness classes, a swimming pool and even FREE personal training sessions. Be aware that Energybase is open to the public though so it's not just exclusive for UoL students, however, the cheaper membership fees are - they start from just £20 a month. 

Clubs and societies. 

Surely by now, you've heard plenty about joining clubs and societies at university? It really is one of the most exciting things about university. Luckily, Student Central, who is responsible for all of the clubs/societies at UoL, have plenty of exciting things to offer. You can't join until you're an official UoL student but have a sneak peek at what's on offer before you arrive...


You may be aware of events happening in your accommodation that are organised by Residence Life, but Student Central also organise events at UoL for you to attend. The best way to be aware of these and what's going on is? Check the SC website regularly as events are updated on there or just nip into Student Central and see what's going on. You'll soon become familiar with it; it's just down from Senate House on Mallet Street. 

Once you've got settled in your accommodation and met your flatmates, head down to Student Central and see what's going on - you won't be disappointed!