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Residential Life

Going out while staying in – Friday night sorted!

By Konrad 03 Apr 2020

It’s not an ordinary Friday night… As we are being told all the time, these are unprecedented times. And it is true, we need to buckle up, stay at home and try to do our bit to help the NHS and save lives. But it doesn’t mean that we need to be deprived of music! 

If you have gone through your music library many times over and need some inspiration, here it comes! Enjoy responsibly, and if you’re enjoying a lot – put some headphones on – protect your neighbours! :)

This YouTube channel is now Streaming From Isolation (as opposed to actual night clubs) and as the tagline says: “Boiler Room - watch, listen, dance.” And this is exactly what you need to do! Now, with many DJs streaming their sets from their living rooms and making them available online – join the party

Songs for lockdown

Official Charts website prepared a list of uplifting songs for the lockdown (The Police “Don’t stand so close to me”  or Akon with “Lonely”?).  Check the list by following this link. 

Explore the past

And the Independent prepared a list of 40 best albums to listen when you’re self-isolating. A lot of them are blasts from the past, so you might actually never have heard the before. Worth trying! Check it out here.