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Residential Life

16 reasons why student life is the BEST life

By bzbeth 15 Oct 2019

Moving away from home and learning to adjust to student life can be challenging...

Although, once you have mastered how to feed, clothe and clean yourself - university life is a breeze.

Enjoy your new-found independence and really make the most out of all the new opportunities available to you!

1. You can eat what you want, when you want 

Do you fancy pizza for breakfast or cereal for dinner? No problem. 

2. You can sleep when you want 

There is nothing worse than your mum waking you up at 7am when you have been awake all night or just don't fancy getting out of bed. Fortunately, you can now sleep until noon especially when your first lecture isn't until 3pm and you had a late night.

3. You can go to the best student parties

Spend your weekends hanging out with other students and discussing any topic from ex-partners to the latest political debate. Only at university can you jump between what is your favourite jelly bean to a philosophical discussion on Plato.

4. You get to live in a new city!

If you have moved away from home, you get to experience the excitement of exploring a new city or even a new country. Explore the attractions near campus or catch a train to another town to see parts of the UK that you haven't been able to see before.

5. You can experiment with new styles

Students are famous for their whacky clothes. Try out culottes, puffer jackets, chunky trainers and all things vintage while you are at university rather than at home where your parents will just tell you that you look daft! 

6. Going home is way more fun

If you fancy a bubble bath or Mum's cooking, why not go home for the weekend? You can catch up with your family and enjoy a weekend of luxury. If you're lucky, you can avoid doing any household chores too because 'you're just visiting'.

7. You get student discount!

Are you a shopping addict or just absolutely LOVE a bargain? Most shops in the UK will give you a 10% student discount if you flash them your student card.

8. You get a whole month off at Christmas and Easter

Yes, you will have exams straight after the holidays so some of this time needs to be spent studying. However, you can still enjoy a month away from lectures and study in the comfort of your own home. This is a great chance to catch up with your home friends too and find out what everyone has been up to.


9. You meet people from all over the world

The best part of student life is meeting other students. Make friends from different countries and learn all about their home culture. You can even go and visit them during the holidays!

10. You can take up a new hobby

Between studying and making new friends, there are lots of opportunities to pick up a new sport or learn a new skill. Why not ask your flatmates or course friends what they are interested in and take up a new hobby together?

11. You can join LOTS of societies!

A great way to learn a new skill and meet people with similar interests at university is by joining a society. Enjoy the weird and wonderful socials the university has to offer and get involved. You can even create your own if you don't find anything suitable! 

12. You get to study a subject you LOVE

After all, the topic of your degree is the reason you are at university. You get to explore your academic curiosity for three years, learn from the experts and hopefully graduate and go onto work in that field. 

13. You get to live with your best friends

Hopefully, at some point, you will get to live with your best friends whilst at university. You can catch up at 2am after a night out, cook dinner together and make day trips to visit the biggest and best landmarks in the city.

14. You can go on the best student nights out 

Even if you don't drink, student club nights are a great chance to dance the night away, let your inhibitions loose and just meet new people and have a laugh together!

15. You can study when you want

Congratulations! You are no longer bound by the 8am to 3pm schedule of school/college. Of course, this is dependent on your course's contact hours, but at least it's not as rigourous as high-school. 


A running theme with student life is freedom! You can do whatever you want, when you want! There will be few times when you don't feel confident with this or happy about it but make the most of it - take yourself out for brunch on a weekday, stay up watching Netflix until 2am and start building a buzzing social life!

Here's to an amazing student life... enjoy!