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Safe Spaces You Can Use

By QMResLife 21 Nov 2023

The best way to ensure your safety while travelling or socialising outside the campus is to avoid situations in which you might become a victim of crime.

It's important to remember that some Queen Mary buildings have 24/7 security presence, so if you ever feel unsafe, lost or harassed, the below spaces have Security Officers that will be more than happy to help you or partner with Queen Mary to deliver halls for our students:

  • Dawson Hall at Charterhouse Square
  • Garrod Building in Whitechapel
  • Department W in between Whitechapel and Stepney Green
  • Queens’ Building at Mile End
  • Westfield Way Lodge close to Mile End Station
  • Aspire Point in Stratford
  • Blithehale Court close to Bethnal Green Station
  • One Pool Street hall in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
  • Sherren House in Stepney Green

Although these spaces are available to you 24/7, there are steps that you can take to help you feel more at ease when you're out and about:

  • Stay together with your friends
  • Never leave your drinks unattended
  • Plan your route home well in advance
  • Book a taxi
  • Walk in well-lit areas
  • Hide your valuables
  • Keep in touch with your friends

Even following these recommendations cannot give you an absolute guarantee you will not be put in danger or made to feel unsafe and although such situations are extremely rare, you need to consider your options carefully, especially when you find yourself on your own. 

  • From the moment you step out onto the street in the morning, look assertive and act and walk with confidence. This will always make you appear in control and much less vulnerable.
  • Most of the time a firm and loud “leave me alone, please” would do the job and attract the attention of other people who might help you. 
  • When using your phone to call the Police is not an option, and you are being followed on the street or feel that your physical safety is in danger, go somewhere safe. The majority of supermarkets in our local area have Security Officers on duty. Your other options are coffee shops, private businesses or transport hubs. London Underground stations are staffed within operating hours and bus drivers have direct radio links with the Police.

StreetSafe in public places

StreetSafe is a service that allows you to report safety concerns in public places (anonymously), on your way to or back from the campus, or anywhere you are in the UK. This could be anything from poorly lit streets to instances where you might feel uneasy.

The data from StreetSafe is made available to Police, local authorities and other stakeholders as part of their community partnerships to have a better understanding of geographical profiles and inform their community safety activities.

For more advice on keeping safe around London, take a look at our top tips. 

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