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Residential Welfare Team at Queen Mary


Introducing the Residential Welfare Team

By QMResLife 31 Aug 2021

Who are we?

As the Residential Welfare Team, we have the wellbeing of our students at heart. In everything we do, our ultimate purpose is to promote student wellbeing. As a team, we want to ensure that residents have the best experience possible whilst living in halls where they can experience a sense of community and flourish in their academic and personal lives. 

Our team is led by Tracey Paradise, Residential Welfare Manager who has worked at Queen Mary for over two decades and has a wealth of knowledge and experience which has a positive resounding impact on student lives. Emma Godfrey, Residential Welfare Officer, is a Queen Mary graduate who has first-hand experience of living in Queen Mary Halls.

What do we do?

Our team ensures that our residents’ stay is a positive one by providing reliable support and guidance for all those who need it. The service we provide includes a range of pastoral services through our work with other departments at Queen Mary and if need be, we can also refer to other student support services.

We provide first response support for issues faced by students in accommodation, we understand that for many, shared accommodation is a new experience, and it is not always easy to adapt. Even if a lifelong friendship is not established, learning to tolerate each other’s differences can be a valuable part of your education. To assist with this, we can provide mediation meetings between flatmates, providing a safe and neutral space to discuss, negotiate and reach an understanding.

Want to get in touch?

If you would like to speak with a member of the team, you can call 020 7882 6470 and ask for us, or email to connect with a member of the team.

Here at the Residential Welfare team, we CARE:

Community Spirit and communication

Advice and Support

Reaching Out

Excelling Academically

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