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How to use your kitchen appliances

By QMResLife 14 Aug 2022

If you're unsure of how to use any of the appliances provided by Queen Mary in your halls, we've put together some really simple video instructions.

Each video will also show some useful do's and don'ts when using each of the items.

Aspire Point and Sherren House Residents
Although the information below applies to using appliances in kitchens generally, you will find different equipment in your hall. If you have a query regarding your appliances and how to use them, please visit the Reception in your building. 

To find the instructions relevant to each appliance, click on the links below.

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How to use the hob

How to use the oven

How to use the microwave

How to use the vacuum

How to use the toaster

How to use the kettle

If you have any queries or concerns regarding appliances provided in Queen Mary Halls, please contact Residences Reception.

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