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Fire safety in halls

By QMResLife 30 Jun 2022

Fire safety in halls is very important. The Queen Mary Fire Safety Video 'Get Out, Stay Out, Stay Safe' above provides an overview of basic fire awareness and information on how to minimise the risks and dangers of fire. 

You can find more information and guidance on Fire Safety in the Fire Safety Guidance for Residents leaflet and in the Residents' Handbook.

Fire Safety Guidance for Residents

Below you will find an image with a link over it to download important information around Fire Safety in Queen Mary Halls. It is important that you familiarise yourself with this information, and note your responsibilities as a member of the halls community in ensuring fire safety.

Evacuation Procedure

The evacuation procedure in Queen Mary Halls is different depending on where you live. Residents of Aspire Point should, in particular, familiarise yourselves with the arrangements for the building, as you may not be required to evacuate even if you see other people doing so.

Where is my assembly point?

The assembly points for halls located at Mile End, Charterhouse Square and Whitechapel are provided below.

Mile End Campus

Godward Square for:

  • Albert Stern Cottages
  • Albert Stern House
  • Ifor Evans Place

Queens’ Building Lawn for:

  • Lindop House

Outside The Curve for:

  • Beaumont Court
  • Chapman House
  • Chesney House
  • Creed Court
  • France House
  • Lodge House
  • Selincourt House

Outside France House for:

  • Feilden House
  • Lynden House
  • Maurice Court
  • Maynard House
  • Pooley House
  • Varey House

Outside Withy House for:

  • Stocks Court
Whitechapel Campus

45-53 Philpot Street for:

  • Floyer House
  • Varden Street
Charterhouse Square

The Green for:

  • Dawson Hall
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