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Deals to grab as a student

By SmritiRA 09 Feb 2024

Every penny counts when you are a student!

Here are a few must -have deals and perks, you can use while you are a student. Deals that feel too good to be true!

Student Beans/ Unidays

These apps are essential for students. They give you discounts on food, fashion, technology, and lifestyle. If you are a student, you get FREE access!

How to:

  • Download the apps from the relevant app store
  • Register with your personal email
  • Input Queen Mary University of London as your institution
  • You may have to verify your student status each year. As long as you are a student, this will raise no issues.
  • Bask in amazing student deals like 50% off Dominos Pizza and 10% student discount at Nike.
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Railcards w/ Oyster cards

Tubes are an essential part of London life, but we have all had a bit of a scare checking the balance on our Oyster cards after a good day out! This is where you can really save the pennies. Grabbing a railcard will not only give you discounts on train journeys outside of London, it will also give you discounted fares on your Oyster for travels within London during off-peak hours.

How to:

  • Go to the railcard website
  • Follow the relevant steps and you should receive your railcard. (There is a fee)
  • When buying any train ticket, choose the ‘add a railcard|16-25’ option to get discounted prices.

To link your railcard to your Oyster

  • Register your Oyster to your online account, this will take 24hrs.
  • Once completed, go to any underground station. Ask a clerk to link your Oyster to your railcard.
  • Save 1/3 of the price on off-peak fares!
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Amazon Prime

Amazon is the largest online retail provider for anything you might imagine, from dinosaur costumes to printers. Going to the shops is tiring, time-consuming and forces you to leave your room, but Amazon Prime gives you the satisfaction of sitting in bed and ordering your necessities, with next-day delivery!

How to:

  • On your Student Beans app, search Amazon Prime
  • You can get a 6-month free trial of Amazon Prime, then 50% off for only £4.49 per month.
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Free Music: Spotify

We all listen to music, but ads get in the way. Being a student, you have access to 3 free months of Spotify Premium. After the trial months, you can get a student Premium membership for only £5.99 per month.

How to:

  • Go to Spotify's website
  • Try the 3 months of Premium for free
  • At the end of the 3 months, cancel your membership and shift to the student Premium deal
  • Verify your student status and you’re done!
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Apps for train journeys

If you’re new to the UK, London won’t be the only destination on your bucket list! The easiest way to get around the UK is by train. Although train prices are through the roof, don’t let those prices stop you. Railcards are essential for cheaper tickets. To save even more, look for tickets through train apps! These are Trainpal, Splitmyfare, and Trainline.

Links are provided below ⬇️

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As you embark on your savings journey, expect to encounter many more amazing deals along the way! These are just the beginning. Best of luck on your savings!

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