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Support for LGBTQ+ students

By ResLifeSweet 04 Aug 2023

Transitioning to University and a new town is hard on its own, but being from a marginalised community can bring on its own additional fears. My name is Sweet (They/Them) and this is a short guide on the support I can provide to LGBTQ+ students living in student accommodation under my role as an LGBTQ+ Champion within the ResLife Ambassador Team. 

My Role

My role as an LGBTQ+ Champion within the ResLife Ambassador Team involves being available to talk about any concerns or queries pre-arrival, post-arrival, and during arrival. To get in contact with me or to schedule a meeting, you can email Support can include but not be limited to; worries about integrating into LGBTQ+ life at Uni of Bath, discussing alternative support/signposting, helping settle in with housemates, talking through identity and pronouns, venting, and dealing with unsupportive housemates or incidents that require reporting. I am also involved with work to promote Inclusion and Diversity within the University and raising awareness on important calendar dates for the community.

There are other avenues available for support including Off the Record, which is a mental health charity in Bath with counsellors and groups specifically for LGBTQ+ students. You can also get in contact with Nightline or the Wellbeing team at the University. More information about these can be found by visiting or I am available to talk through these options and help in reaching out. 

LGBTQ+ Accommodations

If you feel that living with other LGBTQ+ students may benefit you, the University of Bath offers LGBTQ+ specific accommodations. This is to create a comfortable and safe environment for all LGBTQ+ students. To know more about it you can visit These accommodations will be supported under my LGBTQ+ Champion role. 

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ResLifeSweet Hi I'm Sweet (They/Them), the LGBTQ+ Champion for ResLife at the University of Bath.
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