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The ultimate guide for doing laundry in halls

By StudentLiving 10 Aug 2023

Keeping it easy and clean.

Whether you're already a pro or are completely new to this (no judgement) then this guide has got you covered. Keep reading to find out exactly how laundry works at Nottingham and also some tips for keeping your clothes as fresh as possible.

Circuit laundry

Circuit Laundry runs all the washing machines and dryers you'll find in halls. So to use any machine, all you need to do is download their app, create an account and then top up that account with the necessary funds to wash and dry your clothes. Once you have topped up your account with credit, you can begin your wash or dry by scanning the QR code on your phone and it's that simple.

Laundry rooms are cleaned throughout the week (minus weekends) and you can even check when the machines are free to use by using a service called CircuitView. If you have any issues or queries, you can contact your halls reception or Circuit directly through:

  • Tel: 0800 092 4068
  • Email:.

Tips and tricks

These tips prevent mishaps like shrinking your favourite top or turning whites pink:

  • Check symbols: All items have washing symbols that guide proper care. For instance, delicate fabrics might require low-temperature washing to preserve quality.
  • Choose detergent wisely: Opt for suitable detergent, available at budget-friendly stores like Aldi or Lidl. For sensitive skin, pick Non-Bio over Bio.
  • Separate whites and colours: Keep whites bright by washing them separately. New coloured clothes should be washed alone initially to prevent colour bleeding.
  • Use 30º if unsure: A 30º wash is eco-friendly and safe for items with unclear washing instructions. Tough stains may require higher temperatures.
  • Empty pockets: Avoid damaging valuables and clothes by thoroughly checking and emptying pockets before washing.
  • Proper drying matters: After washing perfectly, drying is crucial. Hang clothes outside or use a dryer, adjusting the cycle based on item weight.

Remember, careful handling ensures lasting quality.

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