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Best things to do as a student in Nottingham

By StudentLiving 15 Aug 2023

Affordable and easily accessible all year round.

So you've landed in this vibrant city and are looking for some cool things to do while you're at uni? Well, you're in luck because Nottingham's got a bunch of awesome stuff to offer that won't drain your bank account. Let's dive into a few of the best options you have at your disposal.

Located right in the heart of Nottingham, Old Market Square is a great place to get a feel of the city. You'll find lots of shops and a lively atmosphere on weekends, making it the perfect spot to people-watch. Plus, they often set up events and markets here, so you'll never know what you'll stumble upon.

You have to visit the castle while you're in Nottingham, it's a must-do! Soak in all the history, the amazing architecture and a bit of the art gallery while you're at it. If you check the website, you can time it so you get to experience the shows and talks too during your visit.

a deer standing in a field

Head to Wollaton Park for the triple threat of nature, the hall and the museum. It feels like a great escape from the city with its stunning gardens, a deer park (yes, you read that right) and Wollaton Hall, which might remind you of Wayne Manor if you're a Batman fan.

Hockley is definitely the cool part of Nottingham. It's got a bunch of quirky cafes, vintage shops, and independent boutiques. Perfect if you're looking for something a little off the beaten path but not too far from campus or the city centre. It has a real creative feel where you'll find more unique options compared to the rest of the city.

Nottingham's nightlife scene has something for everyone from traditional pubs, to trendy bars to nightclubs that will keep you partying all night long. You'll find most in the centre but you'll need to explore as there are plenty of hidden gems which are a little more out of the way. 

a person sitting on a rock

Book your guided tour into the caves hidden directly under the city. You'll find out the amazing history behind them while getting a chance to actually explore parts yourself. There are even special tours themed around days like Halloween if you're wanting an extra spooky experience.

Sometimes you just need a breath of fresh air and a scenic walk to make everything better. Thankfully Nottingham has a tonne of riverside trails you can make the most of when the weather is decent. Take a chill walk along the riverside, feed the ducks, or find a nice flat spot to park yourself on and read a book.

So, there you have it, the lowdown on some super-cool, wallet-friendly things to do in Nottingham. Explore, have fun, and make the most of your time in this amazing city.