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Parks and green spaces close to campus

By StudentLiving 15 Aug 2023

The great outdoors, right on your doorstep

When city life's getting too much, a little breather in nature can work wonders. Think about it — a park, woods, or simply a grassy spot to plop down and relax for a while.

We are very proud of our beautiful campus grounds and surrounding areas that allow our students to instantly feel fresh and in nature. You'll find plenty of perfect spots for all sorts of outdoor activities.

So, when the weather's on your side, take a peek at the variety of green havens in Nottingham.

The Millennium Garden

The Millennium Garden is a beautiful and tranquil spot on the University of Nottingham’s University Park Campus. It was created in 2000 to mark the turn of the millennium and to celebrate the University’s achievements in teaching, research and community service.

The garden features a circular pond with an island and 12 fountains that ‘tell the time’ by spraying water at different heights according to the hour.

The pond is surrounded by a turf maze, a flower garden, and a sculpture of a globe. The garden is a place for reflection, relaxation and enjoyment for students, staff and visitors alike. It has won several awards for its environmental excellence and sustainability, including the Civic Trust Green Flag Award every year since 2003.

The Downs

The Downs is a large grassland area in the centre of the campus that serves as a wildflower meadow. It has a low diversity of broadleaved flowering plants, but a high diversity of grasses and grass flowers that bloom in early summer. The meadow is harvested annually in early July for hay production, which benefits the ecosystem and the wildlife.

The meadow provides habitat for various species of wildlife, such as birds, insects, and small mammals. It has a high biodiversity value, as it represents one of the few remaining neutral to acidic grasslands in the county, which are scarce and threatened habitats. The University is committed to managing the meadow in a sustainable way and enhancing its ecological function. The Downs is not only a recreational space, but also an educational and conservation resource.

Wollaton Hall

Wollaton Hall is a beautiful Elizabethan mansion in a 500-acre park in Nottingham, England. It was built in the late 16th century by Sir Francis Willoughby and designed by Robert Smythson. The hall has a natural history museum and a deer park.

Wollaton Hall also served as Wayne Manor, the home of Batman, in the 2012 film The Dark Knight Rises. The hall was chosen because it looked like another Elizabethan mansion that was used in the previous film, Batman Begins. The hall also has caves underneath it, which suited Batman’s secret lair. Wollaton Hall was seen in several scenes of the film, such as when Batman returns home, hosts a charity ball, and escapes from Bane’s attack.

Find out more on the Wollaton Hall website.

Highfields Park

Highfields Park is a historic and scenic park in Nottingham, near the University of Nottingham’s University Park Campus. It was created in 1920 by Sir Jesse Boot, the founder of Boots and Co Ltd, as part of his vision for the University Campus.

he park covers 121 acres of land and features a boating lake, a turf maze, a flower garden, a sculpture of a globe, and a pavilion cafe. The park is also home to the Lakeside Arts Centre, which hosts various events and exhibitions.

The park is a popular destination for recreation, relaxation, and education for students, staff, and visitors. It has won several awards for its environmental excellence and sustainability.

Green spaces map

Check out the map below of all the local green spaces you'll find in Nottingham:

These were just a handful of grassy opportunities waiting for you. There are a bunch more spots waiting to be discovered, so go ahead, venture out, and make the most of nature!