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Running routes around campus

By StudentLiving 16 Nov 2023

Make the most out of University Park and Jubilee

One of the best things about being at UoN is the amazing scenic campus you can take advantage of all year round. Given the size and the amount of routes around the campus, it's the perfect place to turn into your own free running spot. While you can map out your own personal running route, here are a few we've picked out that are perfect for a bit of exercise.

Length: 2.7km
Approx time: 17 minutes (or 34 minutes if you double up)

Start at the rear entrance of the Portland Building. Turn left and follow the path down towards the Lakeside Arts Centre. Pick up the lakeside path and continue around the lake. To extend your run you could double up and do two loops of the lake before returning to your start point.

Length: 3km
Approx time: 22 minutes

Start the run at David Ross Sports Village's main reception (but you could technically start anywhere along the route). Turn right and run through the Nightingale Hall car park and pick up the footpath on your right, which takes you behind the Humanities Building. 

Rejoin and then cross Beeston Lane continuing along the footpath until you join Cut Through Lane. Cross, and then take the part to the right by the giant chess set. Turn left close to the rear of the Trent Building and then take the steps down to, and across the front of the Portland Building. 

Turn left and job up the hill to rejoin Cut Through Lane. Follow the road round and then turn left up Cripps Hill. At the top, turn left onto Lenton Hall Drive and run along until you meet the path across The Downs. Follow this path down in-between Rutland and Sherwood Hall then cross the road and run back across the path to David Ross Sports Village. 

Length: 3km
Approx time: 26 minutes

Start at Millennium Garden (one of the only mapped gardens on campus) then head towards The Downs until you pass Jeykll Garden off the main road. Then make your over towards the Lenton Firs Rock Garden, where you will see great views of the Architecture and Built Environment department. Go through the diverse dip in the university grounds between Hallward Library and Hugh Stewart Hall.

Head past Portland Hill and the Old Botanic Gardens which are central to the campus. Head around and run towards Highfields Walled Garden (just next to the large chess set between Trent Building and Law and Social Sciences). Once you get to this point you will start to run back towards Millennium Garden and your run is complete.

Length: 2km 
Approx time: 12 minutes (26 minutes if you double up)

Begin at the Research Acceleration and Demonstration Building. Face the sports ground and take the path around the edge, continuing past the Conference Centre. Follow the path around to the right towards the Business School South.

Continue along the path to the Business School North and then onto Melton Hall and the end of the path. Turn around and head back to the Business School South. Follow the path straight on, going past the Conference Centre again and heading back to your start point. 

These were just a few options but based on where you find yourself around campus, you can form your very own routes that are personalised to your life!