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Reduce your food waste with these hacks

By StudentLiving 15 Aug 2023

Save the world and your wallet!

Food waste is a big problem. We all are guilty of chucking away food we know could've gone to better use. If you can get in the habit of reducing food waste you are not only helping the environment, but you will save yourself some cash too. We're committed to reducing food waste on campus but you can also do your part at home. So, how can you be more sensible about it while at university? Here are our biggest tips for reducing food waste.

Plan your eats

Okay, the big food waste culprit is going overboard on shopping or buying stuff that ends up sitting in your cupboard until it expires. The best way you can avoid this is by coming up with a meal plan that details what meals you're going to cook and what ingredients you need. You can alternate weekly to keep things fresh and source the best deals from cheaper supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl. Team up with your housemates and you can cook together to save even more food and money.

Food storage is your friend

Another common occurrence is not properly storing/preserving food. It's easy to forget to put ingredients or leftover food back in the fridge or in the right containers after you're done with them. Leaving some things out of overnight is enough time for them to go bad meaning you'll have to throw them away. Get in the mindset of regularly putting food away properly and you will see the benefits instantly. If you know you are going to be away for a while, you can also freeze a lot of stuff to keep it usable over a longer period.

Make the most out of your leftovers

Cooking just the right amount can be a puzzle but if you do find yourself with food left on your plate, don't just throw it away! leftovers can be great for next-day meals or repurposed into something else. All you have to do is make sure to store it properly in the right containers. You can also make the most out of the leftovers from stores and restaurants by using the Too Good to Go app. Through this service you can grab meals and ingredients businesses were just going to throw away for really cheap prices.

Come on guys, let's get creative

Ever stared at your kitchen cupboard at the end of the week, wondering what you could whip up with the random assortment of ingredients that's left?  We've all been there but instead of giving up why not let the creativity flow? This keeps your edibles from landing in the bin, dials down your food waste, and gives your wallet a breather. There are a bunch of apps out there where you can type in your ingredients and it will come up with what meals you could make, definitely worth a try.

Cutting down on food waste while at uni isn't rocket science, it's more getting into the habit of actually doing it. With a little bit of effort though, you can make a big change by following these tips. The planet and your wallet will thank you later!