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January arrivals: What you need to know

By StudentLiving 15 Jan 2024

Essential information to make the start of your journey as smooth as possible.

If you're reading this, it likely means you've just embarked on your journey as a student at Nottingham. Firstly, a big congratulations to you! This is an exciting chapter, and we're thrilled to be part of the wonderful experiences you'll create. But first, here are some key bits of information to kick off your journey the right way. For those joining us from abroad, rest assured, we offer all the support you need as well.


One of the first things you'll want to do when you arrive is get set up in your accommodation, which requires you to know the ins and outs. Check out your hall address so you can start to receive mail and learn how to collect a parcel if it's dropped off at a locker or your reception.

After about a week, you'll be dealing with a full washing basket/laundry bin and rather than let it keep piling up till it overflows, read the ultimate guide on how to do your laundry

If you have any issues, it's important to know who you can talk to or how to report an issue. Reaching out is easy, for both security and maintenance requests.

Settling in/Getting around

So you've just moved in with a bunch of strangers and the plan is to to turn those strangers into friends! It doesn't come naturally for everyone and that's okay, we have a few suggestions on how you can build a good relationship with your flatmates. This is a great way to settle in and start to make your hall feel like home, but if you want to give your personal space a homely feel then follow these tips.

You'll be wanting to do your first food shop to make sure your fridge is packed with the essential items, read our guide on what to buy for your first food shop.

Outside of your space, you will have our amazing campuses to explore, which can be quite daunting given the sheer size and options for transport. Have a look at how you can navigate your way around campus and figure out what your best option is for getting from A to B.

Events & recommendations

You'll find there's plenty to do and see on campus, in the city and the surrounding areas. The Res X team (Residential Experience) plans events you can get involved with every month, so keep an eye out for activities that might interest you.

Nottingham is a lively city, perfect for a student both through the day and during the night. We have recommendations for the best things to do first, restaurants on a student budget and green spaces close to campus.


If you are interested in sinking your teeth into opportunities which can boost your employability without adding stress or taking up too much of your time, then there are two big roles you can apply for:

  • Residential Ambassador - Engage with the students in halls and foster a sense of belonging and community through delivering and hosting a range of events and activities.
  • Digital Creator - Create content aimed at improving the student experience at Nottingham, by showing off aspects of your life at uni.


You may experience homesickness as you adjust to your new life as a Nottingham student. The good news is that this is a perfectly normal part of the transition period and you can deal with it by embracing the change! But if you feel you need more assistance with overcoming it, we have more tips on dealing with homesickness.

If you need more support outside of homesickness, we have a whole team dedicated to your wellbeing, and lots of other support that's available right from the get-go.

These were all the basics to get you started the right way but if you still have questions or want to stay in the loop, you're already in the right place! Student Living has all the information you need to make the most of your UoN experience.