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How to spend your DailyBites

By StudentLiving 14 Aug 2023

Everything you need to know about DailyBites

DailyBites is money that is put onto your student ID, which you can spend in the cafe and food outlets on campus.

If you are living in catered accommodation, everyone can enjoy the ease of DailyBites, and the allowance will automatically put onto your card as these are included in your accommodation package.

There are over 30 catering outlets, bars, restaurants and cafes across Jubilee and University Park Campus you'll be spoilt for choice.

How much money does DailyBites equal to?

Each week you will receive £25 worth of DailyBites.

Does the balance roll over?

DailyBites roll over throughout the week, however on Sunday at midnight the DailyBites will reset and whatever you had left over from the week will go. So when you've got them make sure to use them up!

Be sure to check all the catering outlets opening times, especially around the end of term.

How can I check my balance?

You can check your balance on the MyNottingham app. You'll need to log in and select 'DailyBites meal card'.

Download the app - Apple | Android

You can't top up your DailyBites, so if you want to use more you'll have to pay via credit/debit card.

How do I pay with my DailyBites?

You can either pay using the QR code in the MyNottingham app under 'DailyBites meal card' or by tapping it on the contactless card reader at the customer-facing till screen. If you're not sure just ask our friendly catering team and someone will be able to help you.

Can I give my card or QR code to anyone else to use?

No, your allowance is not transferable. You are the only one who can use your card and the MyNottingham app gives you a QR code that is specific to your Dailybites allowance. This QR code will not change for the duration of your contract.

Is there anything I can’t buy?

You can't buy alcohol or tobacco with your DailyBites. Medicines like cough sweets and syrups are also not included.

You can't use your DailyBites for anything you can't eat or drink, like notebooks and toiletries.

What if I lose, forget, misplace or damage my student ID card?

You need to go to the Security office, (located behind Hallward Library), if your student ID card gets lost or damaged.

They will give you a new one and your balances will be moved to it right away. You can still use your balance before you get a new card by using the MyNottingham app.

What if my card/app doesn’t work?

If your DailyBites balance does not refresh in the MyNottingham app, please uninstall the app and reinstall it. This should fix it. Please report any issues straight away by getting in touch via email or telephone 0115 74 84997. 

Please note we are unable to issue refunds for any credit card or cash transaction that you have made in the period of your card/app not working.

What if I'm not living in catered halls?

If you are not living in catered halls, you can buy the Preloader — a lifesaver when you've had a busy day, or the thought of having pasta AGAIN, is too much!

The Preloader offers the convenience of spreading the cost of your food and drink spend. Top up your app balance and spend at participating food and drink outlets across the Campus Retail outlets, Catered Halls and Bars. Non-catered students can easily buy this card to receive fantastic deals.

What is the Preloader?

  • A balance to spend on Food & Drink using an app 
  • Load £50, £100, £350, and £775 
  • Available for non-catered students, staff, and departments to purchase via online portal.
  • Available all year round with no expiry date

What are my perks?

  • 10% off nominated food and drinks at selected cafes and bars
  • 10% discount for non-catered students when purchasing breakfast, brunch, and dinner in catered halls
  • One-off promotions such as 15% discount in library cafes over the exam period
  • Entry into bi-monthly prize draws

How can I pay?

  • Debit or credit card for non-catered students 
  • Parents can pay for it as far as they have the student ID number
  • Once you have received your Student Id number and email address, please contact the accommodation office mid-September to make this purchase.

Whether you're catered or self-catered, we've got a convenient and flexible option for you to enjoy a vareity of food and drink outlets on campus. So why not try them all to find your favourite dishes. Bon appétit!