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Your UofGLiving Bulletin (27 September 2023)

By Scampbell 27 Sep 2023

Welcome to Your UofGLiving Bulletin

Wednesday 27 September 2023

We’ve got a number of important articles for you this week including guidance on fire safety, laundry, overnight guests and much more...

Fire Safety and How to Avoid False Fire Activations

Don't be the person who gets your block evacuated because of a false fire activation! Check out our useful tips to help avoid any unnecessary disruption and stay safe!

Overnight Guest Procedure

If you are planning to invite a friend over to stay, check out our Overnight Guest Procedure for more information on how to go about it!

Let's do laundry

Do you know the location of your residence laundry room? Find out where your laundry is and get some tips on how to do your laundry into the bargain!

Eduroam in your residence

Did you know that you can access Eduroam in your residence as well as on campus?

Reporting a Maintenance Problem

Find out more about making maintenance requests through our online Maintenance Request Form.

Getting Around Glasgow

Travelling around the city is really easy thanks to the numerous public transport options available. Find out all about them in our handy guide.

Meningitis: Time to get vaccinated?

Find out more about getting vaccinated against Meningitis.

We hope you enjoy the bulletin!

If you think of any aspects of residence life that you would like to learn more about just drop us an email at or send us a message on our social media channels😀

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Scampbell is Digital Media Coordinator with the Accommodation Services team.
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