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Checking out of Queen Margaret Residence/Winton Drive

By EThompson 18 Mar 2024

The Sanctuary Students team would like to take this opportunity to wish you well for your future. We hope that you have enjoyed your stay in Queen Margaret Residence/Winton Drive and that you will have good memories of your time in Glasgow.

Returning your keys

  • Please return your keys to the Queen Margaret Residence Office or your Resident Life Assistant/Security officer by 10am on Friday 7 June 2024.
  • Please use the small bag provided for keys.
  • A signature is required when you return your key. Please use the sheet which is available at the Residence Office.
  • If there is no one at the office, please contact the Resident Life Assistant by phone on 07816 364 802 or Security on 07826 533 082.

You may be charged for the fitting of a new lock to the property if all keys are not returned by 10am on Friday 7 June 2024.

Forwarding address

We can’t be held responsible for forwarding your mail or parcels once you have left the residences.

  • Please let your bank, the University and your GP know that you are moving.
  • You can contact the Post Office to have them forward your mail

Cleaning your flat

  • Please leave your bedroom and kitchen clean and tidy, you may be charged for any extra cleaning.
  • Leave the mattress protector on bed.
  • Leave all bedding and linen on bed or return to CSB.
  • Please report any repairs that are needed to the office as you may be charged for any damage found after check out. Please review the Recharge Procedure prior to departure.

Indicative charges for cleaning, repair and replacement of damaged items can be found at reception.

Confiscated items

If you had any items confiscated during your time with us, you can collect them from reception on the date you leave. Please notify the office 48 hours before your departure that you have an item to collect.


Please donate any unwanted items to GUEST for the Student2Student Essentials campaign (look out for information on the drop-off points) or to charity using the red BHF bins situated beside block 8. Any non-perishable and unopened food items can be handed into the collection point at reception and will be donated to a local foodbank.


Any bikes left on site will be retained for two weeks. We will email you post departure if you leave your bike behind. If it is not claimed within the two weeks it will be donated to a local charity.

Thanks for staying with us. Please contact us you have any queries after departure. Goodbye and Good Luck!

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