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Your UofGLiving Bulletin (11 October 2023)

By Scampbell 11 Oct 2023

Welcome to Your UofGLiving Bulletin

11 October 2023

We’ve got a number of important articles for you this week including residence events, GUSA 5-asides, your contents insurance and much more.

Events at the Residences

There’s lots going on in the residences this October - find out more here!

ResLife Adventures

Why not get out and explore Scotland on one of our brilliant ResLife team’s next big adventures? 

GUSA Super Soccer Recreational 5-asides

Glasgow University Sports Association (GUSA) new Super Soccer Recreational 5-asides kick off on 11 October!

Online Shopping Guide

Our handy UofGLiving guide to online shopping.

Thank you for the music but...

Please be kind and considerate to your neighbours and keep the noise down! 

How to be a good flatmate

Some of our best UofGLiving tips to help maintain household harmony!

Your Room Contents Insurance

Your room contenst insurance is provided by  Endsleigh, the UK’s No. 1 student insurance provider. Find out more about the protection provided here.

Staying Safe at UofG with SafeZone

Help keep yourself safe on campus, at your residence and anywhere in between buy downloading UofG Security's brilliant Safezone app.

We hope you enjoy the bulletin!

If you think of any aspects of residence life that you would like to learn more about just drop us an email at or send us a message on our social media channels😀

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Scampbell is Digital Media Coordinator with the Accommodation Services team.
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