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Work Hard. Play Hard. Clean?

By ahenry 25 Jan 2023

With all the studying and partying you're going to be packing in to your uni schedule, cleaning your flat has probably been conveniently pushed to the bottom of the list (if it's on there at all).

Although you think you have pretty high tolerance levels for dirt, grime and weird smells, it doesn't have to be that way!

And there is also the small matter of first term flat inspections coming soon!

We have 6 surprisingly easy tips which require minimal effort and keep your flat habitable...

  1. Set up a cleaning rota with the rest of your flatmates (based on our calculations this means less cleaning for you). 
  2. If your shower has a shower curtain, give it a regular wash&go at a high temperature to stop it going mouldy. 
  3. Avoid getting sucked in to a game of Rubbish Jenga with your flatmates (the delicate art of balancing rubbish on top of an already full bin to decide whether it is, in fact, full). This can really only end one way...all over the floor!  
  4. To gain a little more space, remember to only put recyclable items in the recycling bin in your kitchen. 
  5. If you've been making your extra saucy bolognese, got a little carried away and splattered it all over the hob, make sure you give it wipe! A few weeks down the line and you'll have a scrubbing mission on your hands!
  6. Remember the flat hallway! Mail and other items left lying in the hall is not only annoying to look at but it is also a trip hazard. Be sure to pick it up as you go!

Happy Cleaning!

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