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Walking Guide: QM, Winton Drive & Lister House

By sdopico 12 Aug 2016

Walk from Queen Margaret Residence, Winton Drive & Lister House to University Main Gate

  • Distance: 1.1 - 1.3 miles/1.8-2.1 km                    
  • Steps: 2600-3060
  • Time: 24-29min (medium walking speed)        
  • Calories: Uses 116-131 Cal

Walking directions

From Winton Drive and Lister House

  • Start out along Winton Drive, heading East.
  • At the corner, bear right onto Bellshaugh Road, heading South.

From Queen Margaret Residence

  • Start out along Bellshaugh Road, heading South.
  1. Cross Kirklee Road and walk up Ford Road.
  2. Soon you will come to the entrance of the Botanic Gardens.
  3. Walk straight ahead through the Botanic Gardens to the exit at corner Great Western Road/Queen Margaret Drive. 
  4. Cross Great Western Road and walk up Byres Road, passing Hillhead Underground Station.
  5. At corner Byres Road/University Avenue turn left into University Avenue.
  6. Walk up University Avenue to the Main Gate on the right hand side.

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