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UofGLiving Moving Out Guide

By Scampbell 12 May 2023

Well, semester is nearly over and it’s almost time to say goodbye. There just remains the small issue of moving out! 

To help make this as straightforward as possible, we’ve compiled a quick guide to explain the process.


It’s essential that you leave your room and flat in good condition. Extra cleaning or removal of rubbish can lead to you receiving additional charges so it’s definitely worth giving the place a good scrub before you go! 

If you follow the tips in our UofGLiving Flat Inspection Guide you will be absolutely fine!

Charity Donation

If you have any unwanted clothes, games, books, kitchen equipment or electrical items you can donate them to the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and help support their life-saving research into the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of cardiovascular disease. 

For more information about the Pack for Good campaign and to find out more about the how to donate check out our article

Redirecting Mail

Be sure to update your MyCampus record and your online shopping or delivery accounts with your new address. Unfortunately, our site teams don’t have the capacity to forward or store mail for previous residents so any letters or packages received after your departure will be returned to the Post Office.

The Royal Mail currently offers a redirection service which can also help ensure that you never miss any post. Find out more at

Returning Keys

Getting your keys back to reception on time is essential as delayed return can lead to locks being changed and additional charges being incurred. You should return your keys to the reception staff no later than 10am on the last day of your contract. 

If you are leaving outside normal reception opening hours, your site team will usually have a drop box available to return your keys so speak to them for more information.

Storage Options

Unfortunately, the University doesn’t have any secure storage areas available so holding items over the summer isn’t possible. If you are looking to store items for the summer or have them delivered to another address, you may find Flexistore useful.

The Flexistore team can work you either to their storage facilities in Glasgow or to ship it directly to your preferred address in the UK or overseas.  

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Scampbell is Digital Media Coordinator with the Accommodation Services team.
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