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Store or transport your belongings with Flexistore

By Scampbell 29 Mar 2023

Have you got belongings in your room that you would like packed and stored or forwarded to an alternative address?

To help you get your bedroom cleared before the end of term, the University is working in partnership with Flexistore to provide a safe and secure option for transporting or storing your belongings.  

If you are not currently in your residence and are struggling to get back to Glasgow, Flexistore will work with our site management teams to access your bedroom and pack and then remove your items, either to their storage facilities in Glasgow or to ship it directly to your preferred address in the UK or overseas.  

Equally, if you are currently in residence and would like to store some items over the summer period, Flexistore can also provide you with boxes which can be filled, collected at a convenient time and then returned to you later in the summer. 

For a free no obligation quote, head to and compete the enquiry form. 

Please note that any contract entered into with Flexistore or any other storage provider will be between you and the company.

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Scampbell is Digital Media Coordinator with the Accommodation Services team.
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