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Reasons to join Residence Life as a senior student

By CGordon 15 Feb 2023

Residence Life roles come with a range of fantastic benefits, which you can read about in more detail on our website. We understand that senior students require flexibility around assignments, projects and dissertations, and are thinking about employability and ways to set themselves apart from others when it comes to those all important graduate interviews.

Here are 5 reasons why you should apply to join the Residence Life Team in your senior years of study:

1. Flexibility

The role is incredibly flexible and there’s a relaxed approach to swapping shifts with colleagues, meaning you can fit your duties around assignments and other commitments.

2. Stand out from other candidates

Now more than ever it is important to stand out from other candidates, whether you’re applying for an internship, a graduate job, or perhaps even a PhD place. This is a unique role allowing you to learn a wealth of transferable skills, and is a great talking point on applications and in interviews.

3. The role is HEAR accredited on your transcript

Your Residence Life position is Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) accredited on your University transcript, verifying that you played an integral part in the University community.

4. Gain new skills

There is so much to learn in this fast-paced role. Some of the skills you will develop include: working as part of a team, thinking on your feet, communication and interpersonal skills, prioritisation and organisational skills, problem solving and dispute resolution, event management, the list goes on.

5. Make a difference

The knowledge you have gained so far as a student is invaluable and we’d love for you to share that with our residents. You could make a huge difference to new students by teaching them about balancing studies and social life, coping with stress, adapting to a new environment, and so much more.

Interested in finding out more?

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