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Parking at Murano Street

By CGordon 14 May 2021

If you live at Murano Street and have a car, it's important that you only park in designated parking spaces. Parking on the kerb or in turning circles and other no parking areas can block the way of emergency services vehicles and refuse collection lorries. Please park responsibly, as blocking the road could delay the emergency services from reaching an emergency or could result in the bins not being emptied.

If your car is found to be parked anywhere other than a designated parking space, the security team will place a non-tamper sticker on your car windows to advise that you should not be parking there.

All cars parked on site should also be registered with the office in case we need to contact you about your vehicle. Registration takes a few minutes and can be done at the reception desk in the Central Services Building. You will be given a small parking pass to place on your dashboard.

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