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Online Room Inventory

By EThompson 08 Aug 2023

Once you have checked in to your accommodation, you may be required to complete an online inventory check. This involves logging into your accommodation portal, accessing your room inventory and checking the condition of the items in your room against our records.

You are also required to check and accept the condition of items in the communal areas of your flat and the system will let you know what rooms you are required to check.

If you are unhappy with the condition of any items you can dispute them on the system and a manager will look into this for you.

Firhill Court/Thurso Street/Kelvin Court/Blackfriars/ Havannah House/Dobbie's Point/Blackfriars/Bridge House/Solasta Riverside - please consult your residence guide or welcome information for inventory arrangements.

Getting started

  • Log onto and look under the Room heading to locate the Inventory link. You will also see the number of rooms that are pending and need to be reviewed.
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  • Click on Inventory to begin and read though the instructions on the Inventory Check page.
  • Please check the actual condition of each item in the list and, if everything is correct, click the ACCEPT button. 
  • If you have any questions or comments about any item, please click the COMMENT button next to that item, type in your comment in the box then click the Send button. When you have completed adding all the comments, you must click on the DISPUTE button and at this point, another box appears where you should supply a summary comment about why you are disputing the inventory so that we can investigate further.
  • Once you have accepted or disputed your room you can proceed to follow the same process for any communal rooms listed.

What if I don’t accept my inventory online?

You must either accept your room or send us your comments within 48 hours of checking into your room. If you do not we will assume that the condition of each item, as held in our records, is correct and the system will automatically accept your room inventory on your behalf.

NB - If you are the first student to check into your block, it is also your responsibility to check the condition of any communal areas listed in your online inventory as well as your own room.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about using the online inventory system, please address these in the first instance to your residence management team. Alternatively, you may contact Accommodation Services by email