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My warm welcome to Glasgow...

By GabrielaBlogger 15 Jan 2017

I’m finally here! All the months of preparation and research have led to this.

I reached Glasgow after having taken two flights and having traveled for over twelve hours.

First impressions: very friendly people and very wet weather.

There’s a saying here in Glasgow which says “People Make Glasgow”, and I definitely agree with it. So far, all the locals I’ve met have been very kind and genuinely willing to help out whether it be by volunteering to help me find a building or simply by recommending a nice pub. I’m very lucky to be living in such a friendly city and really commend the Glaswegians on their kindness and helpfulness. 

The second thing that struck me as different was, of course, the weather. I’m from an island so I’m used to having sun at least 340 days a year! However, Glasgow is quite different. One of the reasons why I chose to come here was because I wanted to experience something new; a new culture, different kinds of people, a different education system, and also different weather than what I’m used to. I must say, before coming here I expected it would be much colder. The cold hasn’t bothered me at all (yet), but the rain has. It’s been quite a change to see rain everyday and to have to walk half an hour from the lecture building to my flat while it’s raining cats and dogs.

Another thing that is new is living with flatmates and having to cook for myself everyday. Before coming here I was more worried about the lifestyle I would have than about the coursework, but luckily things turned out better than I expected. I’m living in a very nice flat with five other exchange students. All of us have our own room and bathroom, so that’s very nice. The kitchen is very modern and spacious, and I’ve already managed to cook up a few (decent) meals for myself.

We’re a very diverse bunch living here with all of us having different nationalities; Australian, Canadian, Armenian, Dutch, and Chinese. The University of Glasgow has really done a great job at putting us exchange students together in one flat, because we’re all going through the same process.

So far, I’ve really enjoyed the city of Glasgow, the people, and the University. There are many beautiful restaurants and pubs to visit and lots of shops everywhere. I love the vibrant and diverse community and look forward to getting completely settled in. I plan on working ahead and getting my work done as soon as possible so that I have more time to see other parts of Scotland as well. To anyone planning a study abroad trip to the UK, I strongly recommend coming here to Glasgow because not only is the University in the top 1% of the world, but the Glaswegians will make you feel right at home as soon as you get here.