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Dumfries Accommodation FAQs (Brooke House, Dumfries Hall, Laurieknowe Hall)

By Scampbell 19 Aug 2022

Got a question about Brooke House, Dumfries Hall or Laurieknowe Hall? Check out our FAQs for the latest info and advice.


Can I look around a typical room before I decide to accept?

As the accommodation is let all year round it is not always possible to show prospective residents a typical room. During certain times we can take people round the common areas so contact the Student Apartments’ office on 0141 330 6182 to arrange a suitable time.

Rooms can also be viewed on our Flickr album.

Alternatively you can check the University website for a list of University Open days where it may be possible to visit the Residence

Can I arrive before the start of my contract?



Yes, if accommodation is available. Please email Accommodation Services at to register your interest and check availability.

Students arriving before the start of the accommodation contract cannot be guaranteed accommodation and you may be required to find alternative accommodation before the start date of the contract.

All arrival information will be available on the Accommodation website -

Where do I collect my keys?

Keys will be issued from Dumfries Hall, Mcallister Way, Glencaple Road, DG1 4ZW . Please email to advise us of your expected date and time of arrival in order that we can make appropriate arrangements.

You will find full details on where to collect your keys in the Arrival Information page on the Accommodation Services website

Please also look out for our pre arrival email on the lead up to your arrival which will advise of the check in process.

Is there a car park attached to the Residence?

Yes, free car parking facilities are available at all three sites

What do I need when living in halls?

Everything that is needed for independent living! This includes; crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils, saucepans, towels. Check out our What to Bring to Uni guide for more info.

If you would like to pre-order some of these items before you come to Dumfries we have teamed up with UniKitOut to help you order all your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen essentials and have them waiting for you when you arrive. Just head to, select your items and remember to enter the discount code GLASGOW10! when making your purchase to get 10% off your order.

Can I bring my bike?

Yes, outdoor bike storage is available at Brooke House, Dumfries Hall an Lauriknowe.

Please note that all tenants are responsible for making sure that their bicycle is adequately insured and secured. You can insure your bike as part of your Block Halls policy by going to

Can I bring my own TV?

Yes, but it must be fitted with a correctly rated fuse, correctly wired plug and a cable in good order. Students must obtain their own TV license. See for more details.

Is bedding provided?

Yes bed linen/duvets are provided.

The university will provide a starter pack including a duvet, mattress protector, pillow, sheet, duvet cover and pillow cover.

If buying bed linen please check that sizes are either UK single or UK double as sometimes sizes will vary according to manufacturer.

Location and Travel

What is the residence address?
  • Brooke House
    31 Brooke Street
    DG1 2JL
  • Dumfries Hall of Residence
    Glencaple Road
    DG1 4ZW
  • Laurieknowe Hall
    34 Laurieknowe
    DG2 7AJ
Where can I find travel directions?


How close is the Residence to the University ?
  • Brooke House is approximately 30 mins walk (medium walking speed) to the Dumfries campus.
  • Dumfries Hall is Approximately 10 mins walk (medium walking speed) to the Dumfries campus.
  • Laurieknowe Hall is a short bus ride (or 40 minute walk) from the university. There is a bus stop close by with a regular bus service to the campus.
How close is the residence to Dumfries town centre?
  • Brooke House is approximately 5 mins walk from the town centre.
  • Dumfries Hall is approximately 35 mins walk from the town centre.
  • Laurieknowe Hall is approximately a 10 minute walk from the centre of Dumfries

Are there medical facilities near the residence?

Yes, there are a number of GP surgeries in Dumfries.

What is the surrounding area like?

All of the Dumfries residences are located within easy walking distance of Dumfries town centre where you can find shops, restaurants, coffee shops and bar


How do I contact the main site reception?

Tel: (0141) 330 6182 

What is the emergency contact number?

  • Brooke House Residence Life Team: 0141 330 4117
  • Dumfries Hall Residence Life Team: 0141 330 4117
  • Laurieknowe Residence Life Team: 0141 330 4117

Maintenance Emergencies0141 330 4117

School Office: 01387 702001

Is there anyone available out of office hours?

Duty Residence Life Assistants are available via 0141 330 4117 outside office hours.

Is there a laundry on site?

Yes, we have a laundry rooms at all three residences which have free-to-use washing machines and tumble dryers.

My Room

What size are the beds?

Dumfries Hall rooms have small double beds. Brooke House and Laurieknowe have single beds.

When will I receive my room number and address details?

You will receive your full room and address details upon checking in.

Will an inventory be carried out on my room / flat?

Upon arrival, you must complete your room inventory (which will be sent to your email address).

Will there be flat inspections during my time in residence?

There will be two flat and room inspections carried out during your stay and you will be provided with further information on this when you arrive.

Is Internet/WiFi available in the room?

Yes, Wi-Fi is available in all the Dumfries residences through Optify. Details on how to set up your internet will be provided on check in.

Any issues with the internet should be raised with Optify directly. You can report your issues directly to Optify, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, by contacting; 

Do I need to take everything out of my room at Christmas and Easter Holidays?

No, your contract includes holiday periods, you do not have to remove your belongings.

Can my friends stay overnight?

Yes, outside of arrivals weekend and Freshers Week, you are able to invite a friend to stay overnight in your bedroom for a maximum of three nights, per calendar month, free of charge. 

Please refer to the Accommodation Services Overnight Guest policy and procedure for more info. 

Please note that overnight guests are not permitted during Freshers' Week and Arrivals Weekend.

What happens if I lose my key?

You should notify staff as soon as possible and a spare key can be issued via the School Office with a charge of £25 per key being made for its replacement. For additional security please avoid labelling your key with any specific room details.

What happens to my mail / parcel delivery?

Mail is delivered directly to the main door. If an item is too big for the letter box and no one is available to collect it in the flat, a card from the delivery company will be left advising you how to collect it.

When you move into the residences you will be provided with your full postal address. Please be very careful and specific when issuing your address to avoid any confusion/incorrect deliveries.

How do I report a repair?

All repairs must be reported to the office and staff will take appropriate action. 

In an emergency outside of office hours you should contact the duty Residence Life Assistant who will call the relevant member of the maintenance team. This is in an extreme emergency only.

If the repair is non-urgent and the office is closed please complete an on-line repair form.

What am I responsible for cleaning?

You are responsible for cleaning your own bedroom and keeping all shared areas such as kitchen, toilets and shower clean and tidy throughout the week.

Regular checks are carried out to ensure areas are kept clean. Communal stairs, halls, lounges and kitchen floors are cleaned weekly.

How can I find out what the Block Halls Insurance Policy covers?

University of Glasgow has arranged contents insurance cover for you with Endsleigh, the number 1 student insurance provider.

Input your policy number HH1357 at to check your policy details. Here you will find more information on how to check what is covered, some key exclusions and limitations, how to check your policy excess, how to extend and personalise your cover and most importantly, how to make a claim.

What if I want to move room or to a different site?

Room Transfer forms will be available from 9am on the Monday of Freshers Week. The transfer form will be available on your accommodation account, this is the on- line portal you used when creating your application. You will need your user name and password in order to log on. 

If you would like more information on this please contact Accommodation Services directly at or 0141 330 4743

Can I extend my stay over the summer months?

It may be possible to extend over the summer months, but places are limited. You will be asked to complete a form in third term indicating that you wish to extend. Please note that you may be required to move flat.

My Kitchen

Does the residence have student cooking facilities?

All the kitchens Brooke House, Dumfries Hall and Laurieknowe Hall are well-equipped with: cooker; fridge-freezer; microwave; kettle; toaster; breakfast bar; and individual shelf space.

Are cooking utensils/crockery etc. provided?

Yes, basic kitchen utensils, crockery and cutlery are provided.

How can I recycle my waste?

At Brooke House there are no recycling bins. Morrison and Tesco have recycling facilities please check there websites for up-to-date information. Paper, cans, tins and plastic bottles can all be recycled in these. Please ensure that all containers are rinsed/cleaned of all food traces.

There is a grey bin for food waste at Laurieknowe Hall only. Any food waste in Dumfries Hall and Brooke House should be bagged securely and disposed of in the general waste bins.

There are no glass recycling bins at Dumfries Residences.

For more on recycling in UofG residences see our UofGLiving guide

Accommodation Fees

How do I pay my accommodation fees?

All of your accommodation fees are paid through your MyCampus account. 

The main options for paying your accommodation fees are Direct DebitMonthly Payment Plan or via a single one-off payment.

Just remember to make arrangements to set up your payment plan immediately to ensure that you are on time for the first instalment that is due in October.

You'll find out more about paying your fees on UofGLiving and on the Accommodation Services website.

Are utilities included in the fees?

Yes, all heating, hot water and electricity, and internet is included in your rent.

More questions?

If you have any questions not covered here, please contact Accommodation Services at

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