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Apply for Accommodation 2024/2025

By Scampbell 19 Mar 2024

Got an offer to study at the University of Glasgow?

If you've firmly accepted either an unconditional or a conditional offer of study from the University of Glasgow, the first step you will take in applying for accommodation will be to access our Online Accommodation System.

Through the system you will be able to:

  • Register for an accommodation account 
  • Apply for accommodation
  • View and accept your accommodation contract
  • Complete your eInduction (from mid-August)
  • Submit your post-arrival room inventory (selected residences)
  • Manage your Stay (Request reference letters, applying for extensions, room transfers and early departures)

Please note that it can take around 72 hours from accepting an offer for your details to import to the accommodation system so don't worry if you can't access the system right away. You'll be able to proceed as soon as your details have imported.

Your Application Guide

To help take you through the online application process, from registering an account to creating an application, we have created handy step-by-step video guides that will offer advice and tips and highlight frequently asked questions. 

Step 1 - Create a new account

Step 2 - Create an application

For more info you can also check out our Application Process FAQ and our Undergraduate and Postgraduate Admissions Policies. 

Come and stay with us in 2024/2025! 

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Scampbell is Digital Media Coordinator with the Accommodation Services team.
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