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Saved by the Fire Door

By EThompson 13 Jan 2022

You might think we are going on a bit about fire safety in the residences. We are not going to apologise for raising this issue regularly as it really couldn't be clearer- if you don't follow the rules the consequences can be deadly.

Fire incidents are mercifully rare but they do happen and they have happened in UofG residences.

The images are from a kitchen fire. Within minutes the ceiling was alight and the oven and microwave were destroyed. The residents of the flat were spared injury due to the fact the fire door was closed and the smoke and flames were therefore contained to the kitchen allowing safe evacuation. Please imagine for a moment what the consequences would have been had the door been wedged open.

For your safety and the safety of others-

  • keep fire doors closed
  • do not leave cooking unattended
  • evacuate the building when the alarm sounds
  • do not tamper with heat/smoke detectors or other fire equipment

Breaches of fire safety are taken seriously. Fines will be issued and repeat offenders will be reported to the police.