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Fire Drills and Fire Alarm Testing

By Scampbell 15 Aug 2023

In University accommodation, fire drills are a legal requirement and will take place at least twice a year.

When you arrive in accommodation it is important to familiarise yourself with the fire action notices and plans, evacuation routes and assembly points. You will find all this information on the notices in your flat and bedroom. Site staff will also be happy to chat you through the details and process if you would like to know more.

When the fire drill takes place, evacuate immediately. Do not stop to get your belongings!

Upon hearing the alarm:

  1. Leave the building in a quick but calm manner via your nearest escape route - do not run! 
  2. Where possible, close all doors through which you pass on leaving the building.
  3. Do not try to collect any of your belongings. 
  4. Go to the nominated assembly point. 
  5. If installed do not attempt to use lifts to escape the building. 
  6. Always endeavour to maintain social distancing when evacuating your residence and at assembly points.
  7. Do not attempt to re-enter the building unless informed by the person in charge.

Weekly Fire Alarm Testing

The fire alarms in your accommodation will be tested every week. The date and time of your weekly fire alarm test is usually displayed in the stairwell of your block or in communal areas. If you're unsure, ask your site team.

During each test, the Fire Alarm will sound in each block/area for approximately 30 seconds before turning off again. You don't need to evacuate during a test however, if the fire alarm sounds longer than 30 seconds, then please follow the standard fire evacuation process.

False Fire Alarm Activations

False fire alarm activations are not only very annoying, they are also dangerous and can cost lives. Find out more about how you can avoid any unwanted activations in our UofGLiving guide to Fire Safety & Avoiding False Fire Activations.

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