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Study tips | Get the best advice on studying right

By CommunityEngagement 04 Jan 2024

There's no best way to study, there's only the way that works for you. 

Find out what our students in halls have to say as their best tips for studying in halls. 

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🤯 No Cramming

Try not to leave it to the last minute. Cramming can be extra stressful and stop you from retaining the right information.

"I'm Emily. I'm doing sports rehab and I'm from the Isle of Wight. My study tip would be to start early and take regular breaks"

Plan out your learning so you don't end up cramming. There are tons of great strategies for planning your revision and getting the best out of your time. 

"I'm Rosie. I live in Lenton and Wortley and I do politics and international relations. My revision tip is to plan ahead of time so you're not cramming last minute and it's organised."

🧠Brain Food

Eating your way through exams doesn't have to be full of junk food and takeaways, there are plenty of great foods you can include in your diet that can help improve your concentration and energy and help you achieve. But a little treat now and then can't hurt. 

"Hi, my name's Libby, I study medicine. My best tip is to get some good revision snacks. It fuels the journey. I recommend Hummus and Crackers!"

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It's not just food that's important, staying hydrated helps keep you in tip top studying condition. 

"I'm Hannah. I'm from Cripps Hall and I do physio. My study tip is drinking lots of water all the time."

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🎵 You've got a friend in me!

Studying alone can be intimidating and make it hard for you to work successfully. Try finding a study group where you can work together, share tips and keep the motivation going. 

"Hi, my name's Meg, I do international relations and Asian studies, and my best tip is to work with other people."

It's not just about studying together, it's about enjoying the process with people that make you happy, having a fun and balanced environment to study in can help you build strong relationships and strong results.

"Hi, my name is Zoe, I do sports rehabilitation, and my best tip is just to like, be around your friends constantly, just enjoy each other's company."

😀Health is wealth

Looking after your physical and mental health is priority number one when it comes to studying, You will always get your best results when you feel your best. Eat regularly, exercise, and socialise to keep your needs met. 

"Hi I'm Harriet, I'm in Cripps Hall and I study Spanish with International Media and Communication and my best revision tip would be to make sure you balance your time well, make sure you're not always in the library but also not always doing nothing. "

"My name is Maddie, I'm in Cripps Hall as well and I do medicine and my best tip would be to get a better diet and more balanced eating, so that you feel better, so you can work better. "

It's also a good time to look after others and check in with your friends, exams can be a stressful and anxious time not just for you but your friends. Reach out to your friends and make time to have fun.

"My name is Jia, I live in Melton Hall. I think, if we want to have a more healthy life, we should talk to our friends when we are very anxious. Exercise more and eating very healthy, and getting enough sleep is a good ways to relax"

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