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How To

Guide to using the oven/grill

By BzBarlow 20 Jul 2021

Whilst living halls, we're sure you'll build up your confidence in the kitchen and find loads of new recipes.


  • Each ring matches a temperature dial at the side of the hob
  • Place your pan on a ring and turn the appropriate dial to start cooking
  • Turn on the extractor fan whilst cooking to stop cooking smells lingering. This can be done using a simple on/off switch
  • Make sure you always turn off the ring once you are finished cooking
  • Never leave tea towels or other flammable items near a hot ring
  • In comparison to a gas hob, an electric hob takes longer to heat up and cool down

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  • Turn the grill on, open the door and wait for it to heat up
  • Make sure the grill pan is clean to use, as leftover food could catch fire
  • It's a good idea to line the pan with foil as this will make cleaning a lot easier
  • After a few minutes, place your food on the grill pan and put it under the heat
  • Never close the grill door whilst cooking
  • Once you have finished cooking, remove the grill pan and only place it back into the grill once the grill has cooled down. If you put it back when it's hot, the handle will melt. 


  • Arrange the oven shelves how you want (never do this when the oven is hot) 
  • Make sure the oven is on at the wall, then turn the temperature dial to the heat you need
  • The oven may take a while to heat up to the right temperature, there may be a coloured light which will change once it reaches the correct temperature
  • Follow the instructions on your food packaging and place the food in the oven, being sure to shut the door
  • Once your food is cooked, use oven gloves to remove it from the oven and remember to turn off the oven using the temperature dial and the wall switch

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