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How To

Guide to using the dishwasher

By BzBarlow 22 Jul 2021

The dream kitchen appliance for most - saving you time stood washing up. 

It's best to fill it up before switching it on rather than doing a few pots at the time, maybe after everybody in the flat has had their dinner. This will save you all money on dishwasher tabs and will save energy too. 

Tips and Advice: 

  • Check items are dishwasher safe before loading them into the dishwasher 
  • Make sure there is no leftover food on the items - it's best to give them a swill in the sink beforehand, this will ensure the dishwasher filter doesn't get clogged 
  • Use the bottom rack for pots, pans, plates etc.
  • Use the top rack for glasses and mugs

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